web developer and devourer of many coffees. writing rails since 2.0.2. hater of semicolons.


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  • Availability

    As of right now, with the exception of current clients, I will not be accepting any new work until Late Spring/Early Summer 2014.  (Click title for more details)

  • CarrierWave SecureFile

    Gem for Ruby on Rails to encrypt and decrypt file uploads and downloads using a Blowfish cypher.

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    Grab a copy of my resume here.


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Recent ramblings by Doug (or at least some guy that looks a heck of a lot like him)

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  • An Update And A Bit On Meteor.js (AND A Book Review!)

    First off, my apologies for not keeping my blog up to date.  I’ve been running at 110% since fall of last year.  The results have been good: I’ve been staying overly busy, I’ve been able to teach myself to say “no” to upcoming projects (as well as providing a buddy of mine that’s trying to […]

  • Twitter Bootstrap Themes!

    I’m not a front end developer.  I can do CSS.  I can do some design.  But I’m better at the code.  That’s what drew me to both Zurb Foundation and Twitter Bootstrap – design frameworks that I simply don’t have to mess with to start building up a UI for a web app.  If you’re […]

  • WP Remote – The Freer ManageWP!

    A couple weeks ago I caught some slack from the creator of ManageWP for the following tweet: